What type of batteries do you specialize in?

KBT work has mainly focused on lead acid batteries with associated charging, testing and monitoring systems, but work has also included Lithium-Ion batteries and applications.

What are your areas of expertise?

KBT expertise derives from over 40 years of lead acid battery R&D in the areas of innovative battery designs, testing and materials.  This also included advanced fast charging systems and battery testers and monitors for automotive and stationary batteries.  KBT also has extensive experience designing and programming BMS systems for start-stop vehicles and no idle trucking systems.

What is your relationship with the battery industry?

KBT is an active participating member of many Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) and Battery Council International (BCI) technical committees that set standards for batteries, battery materials, testing and monitoring systems.

James Klang is the current Chair of the SAE Start-Stop Battery Committee.