KBT Start-Stop Battery Diagnostic System

A passive KBT diagnostic monitoring system assesses critical start-stop battery properties in service leading to better understanding of the technology, better batteries and more meaningful battery tests.

Input Data

  • Voltage

  • Current

  • Temperature

  • Time

  • Ratings

  • Battery Type/Parameters

Predicted Output Data

  • Resistance/Conductance

  • Capacity Factors

    • C20/RC

    • SOC

    • Working Capacity

    • Discharge Time Remaining under current conditions

  • Predicted Cranking Factors

    • Minimum Cranking Voltage (SOF)

    • Maximum Cranking Current

    • Cranking Strength for Starting

  • State of Health (SOH) – Cranking and Capacity

  • Charge Acceptance

  • Sulfation

  • Defects

  • Start-Stop Function Permission

Video of KBT Diagnostic System

in Start-Stop Vehicle Operation (Accelerated)


Sample Graphs of Data Generated